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Why Choose GMS?

There is no such thing as a “value neutral” education. Gordon Clark, a Christian philosopher and  theologian, said, “The school system that ignores God teaches its pupils to ignore God.” GMS offers a balanced, affordable, high-quality Christian education that meets the needs of students and parents alike. 


We feel that a GMS education is one of the most valuable gifts a parent or grandparent can give your child. Below we have listed a few items that we believe make GMS so special.

Here are four questions parents can ask themselves when they are considering a school for their child. 


A child spends about 16,000 hours with peers and teachers in school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Where and with whom do you want your child to spend that time? 

Would it be comforting to know that your child’s teachers have the same values and belief system that you do? 

Do you want biblical principles to be incorporated into all of your child’s classes? 

Do you want your child to pray and be led in prayer? 





Why Choose GMS for High School? Read our Brochure.


Greenwood Mennonite School seeks to prepare students 

with comprehensive and rigorous academics. Students are held to high standards in all core courses and Enriched sections are offered in most high school courses. AP courses are also available. Recent graduates have been accepted to a variety of colleges such as Swarthmore College, Liberty 

University, Lynchburg College, and the University of Delaware. 


GMS students have the opportunity to take part in a very well-balanced athletic program. Most sports practice or have games three days per week which allows for church and family activities while enabling our teams to perform at a very competitive level. We offer soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, baseball, and softball. There is also the opportunity to play football with a local team.


Our mini-terms are offered to high school students several times each year and have become the favorite time of the year for many. Students are given the opportunity to take part in classes that are not part of our normal curriculum. Typical offerings include digital photography, drawing, drama, creative writing, and cultural immersion. Other recent offerings were model rocketry, auto service, and musical composition. 


Numerous opportunities are available for students to serve the community. They visit local nursing homes, participate in the Christmas project, and spend a day in a mission warehouse. Many high school students go on missions trips and also serve as teachers’ aides. Upon graduation a significant number of our graduates choose to serve in the mission field for a time before starting college or a career. 

Fine Arts

The music program at GMS is second to none. At the elementary level students receive weekly instruction and perform at programs throughout the year. In middle and high school, we offer both choir and band and these programs have been recognized with numerous individual and group awards for excellence. 

Hot Lunches

Our kitchen staff provides a fresh, hot lunch for our students every day. Meals include pizza, chicken and rice, ham and cheese soup, chicken noodle soup, taco salad, mexican shepherd's pie, and many other student favorites. All of these are available for a reasonable price. 

Please feel free to share this information with your family, friends and neighbors. We can serve more students and the more students we serve, the easier it is to keep tuition costs down.

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