"My experience at GMS is one I will never forget. I am so grateful for the friendships that were formed and remain solid 15 years later."

Sonya Yoder, 2004 GMS graduate


The Senate consists of members from each high school grade. They provide and maintain a school store

and snack and soda machines. Student body functions are additional responsibilities of senate members. They plan parties, pep rallies, senior nights, spirit weeks, Christmas and service projects, work days, Valentine’s Day flowers, and youth support/encouragement. The secret pals (i.e. Headers/Setters and Rebounders) during the soccer, volleyball, and basketball seasons are also organized by the Senate. These events take place throughout the school year.


The Pioneer yearbook is published each year by a staff of students in grades 10-12. Students meet two periods in school per week. They also work any spare time they can find during the school day to meet their many deadlines. The end product is a 98 page yearbook that comes out at the beginning of the next school year.


Seventh and eighth grade students form teams which compete against schools in the region and statewide as part of the Delaware Secondary School Mathematics League. The regular season consists of five regional meets, held from December through February, and the teams are ranked both regionally and statewide.


Led by music teacher, this group of students leads singing at weekly chapel services. Members include a keyboardist, guitarists, and vocalists who meet after school every week to practice.


This is a contest held each winter to encourage participation in art, music, speaking, writing and crafts. All students are encouraged to participate. Projects are judged and ribbons awarded.


All students in grades K-8 may participate in this event held on a school day afternoon in April. Parents are encouraged to attend and enjoy the activities. High school students assist in officiating.


Grandparents of students in grades K-6 come to GMS one day each fall. After they are welcomed by the principals at a meeting in the cafeteria where they are served doughnuts, coffee and juice, they go to the classrooms of their grandchildren. Some grandparents share a story, sing a song, or teach a craft with the class and most grandparents eat lunch with them. This is a day that is an enjoyable experience for the grandparents as well as the students.

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