Here's a little clue what you'll be dealing with. Obstacles not in any particular order, and are liable to change.

Use the tires to help get to the other side.
Flex your muscles.
Over and Under. Over and Under. Repeat.
Just like gym class.
Up one side and down the other.
Swinging up high across mud... what else would you expect?
Keep your knees up and your chin held high.
Not your average hurdles.
Face it. You're gonna get dirty.
Stay low and move forward.
Don't trip on your way up.... or down.
Don't worry - it's refreshing!
You knew there were gonna be a few of these....
Get your frog legs ready.
One bad move and you'll regret it.
Don't look down. The wall just gets higher.
Tires above you. Mud beneath you.
Swaying and swinging over the ditches
What could they be? Find out on June 1st!!
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