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Mini-Terms are one of the most exciting opportunities offered at GMS. At three different points in the year, our high school students participate in classes that are not traditional academic offerings. The classes change  every year and reflect both student interest and faculty expertise and include hands-on, active, and creative learning activities. Field trips are often a part of the experience.

Opportunities are provided for students to identify and develop their God-given abilities, passions, and gifts for the sake of God’s glory.


Here are some examples from past years:

In 2011 GMS held it's first J-Term Classes. At that time, J-Term was held for 2 weeks in January, soon after Christmas vacation. In 2018 we moved from "J-Term" to "Mini-Terms", a similar idea but with classes held 3 times per year for 2-3 days each session. 

  • Local Missions

  • Photography

  • Fitness and Nutrition

  • Missions in Guatemala

  • Basketball/Mission Trip -- Kentucky

  • Spelunking/Wilderness Trip -- Virginia

  • Auto Mechanics

  • Spring Drama

  • Board Games

  • Golf

  • SAT Prep

  • Weird History

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