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Greenwood Mennonite School has always tried to keep tuition cost as low as possible. We feel as though a Christian education is a very important part of a child’s upbringing, and want to make it affordable for as many families as possible. We have managed to keep our tuition cost low through several programs. Fundraising is a major part of that.  Fundraising allows our community to work together for a common goal of Christian education, and we find that a valuable experience. We have 5 major annual fundraisers, as well as other supplemental ones. 

This Year's Events:

Fall Auction - 1st Saturday in November

Motorcycle Trip - Mid-May

Golf Tournament - Spring

Spring Festival - 1st Saturday in June

State Fair Food Booth - End of July

Shop and Donate

*Scrip Gift Cards are available through the
GMS School Office (302.349.4131). 

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