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Athletics at GMS

The athletic program at GMS is designed to be a vehicle by which the purpose and objectives of the school can be fulfilled. Jesus Christ is at the center of school and our athletic program and we wish to honor Him with our actions and attitudes both on and off the field. The athletic program works to impact the physical development needs of our students.


Our athletic teams will strive to be competitive and excellent in all that they do, develop greater self control in responding to situations and to learn respect for authority. The opportunity for athletic participation is open to all students who meet the criteria of academic eligibility, school behavioral guidelines, and athletic skill.


This is the most highly organized and intense level of high school athletics. Varsity teams are typically made up of ninth through twelfth graders. Varsity athletes need to have enough physical ability, skill, and sport knowledge to handle strenuous practices and games. Varsity teams practice or play three and a maximum of 4 times per week through out the season and may occasionally practice or play on Saturdays. Varsity teams may sometimes play in tournaments, which will require daylong or overnight stays. Playing time is not guaranteed at the varsity level.

Middle School

Each season, based on interest, there are sports offered at the Middle School level. Middle School teams are typically made up of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Middle School athletes are younger players who are looking for participation, instructional, and developmental athletic opportunities. Middle School teams play a shorter season with fewer games and practices, usually two and maximum of three games and practices per week. Every team member will play in every game unless there is health or disciplinary restrictions.

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